Eggs and Veggie Hash - Do leg raises and kick yourself in the butt, then plank on you countertops while you wait. That's Deb's way. 

Mock Plum Pudding A Babarović family tradition - a guaranteed crowd pleaser and with a dramatic entry! 

A tasty Holiday dinner that's easy to make. Top Roast, Yorkshire Pudding, green beans and gravy. 

Pull these babies into a circle and call it a Chuckwagon Train! The 2nd Annual Connecticut Food Truck Festival was a rousing success and all the food creations were DELICIOUS!

My mantra - "Meat, Heat, Eat" - took a little tenderizing from a man who is much more seasoned than I could ever be. Here's a little taste....

Rack of Lamb

Barely in time for Valentine's Day, this is delicious. Just plain delicious.

The Basics.

(So, you think you know what a saucepan is? Think again. Once you get that figured out, the rest is easy. Here's what you'll need in your kitchen to make just about any meal.)

2 ways to enjoy your turkey for days afterward.

Pork Tenderloin

(THE easiest meal in the world aside from a can of soup.)


(The most awesome thing you’ll ever taste.)

A Celebration of Garlic. Everywhere. All over the place.

(What do you do with a Hardneck? Not what you’d think…)


(The Miracle Food.)

Like having 30 restaurants lined up in your backyard!? Pure, decadent heaven. 

A very special kitchenBOB combines his love of food festivals and his attempt to bring the festival home with him. It's kimchi as a side dish and as a full meal when Tina gets a hold of him. There is a powerful warning at the end.


(The result of a lifelong quest for the perfect bowl of Chili.  A true Texan’s NO bean bit of heaven)

Eggs. MY way.

Spanish Tortilla.  

(The tortilla as a meal? You bet. This is a Spanish Tortilla. Simple, filling and deeee-lishusssss!! And, it'll last you for days!)

Salted Chicken. 

(Recipe not sanctioned by the American Heart Association nor any Doctor worth his, uh, salt)

Shrimp Linguine. 

(A truly simple and tasty way to treat yourself.)


For the love of Bacon. Just because. Ode to the festivals.

Bacon Balls

12 Hard Boiled Eggs 24 strips of Bacon Do it: All you do is hard boil some eggs. Wrap one piece of bacon around the long ends and one piece of bacon around the middle.

Salmon and Couscous
1 Salmon Filet 1 Lemon Olive Oil Fresh Rosemary Salt Pepper Butter 1 cup Couscous 1 bunch of Asparagus ----------- Make it: Preheat oven to 350º -Place filet in glass dish -drizzle that shizzle heavily with Olive Oil -Tear off Rosemary and sprinkle a handful on Salmon -turn salmon over a few times in dish to cover with oil -Bake at 350º for about 20 minutes -Put couscous in boiling, remove heat and let sit for 4 minutes -Saute Asparagus in olive oil and butter for 4 minutes.